Another page for my 2014 Project 365 book . . . a story of a love lost & found again! Katie has made us some more terrific thin frames! I love them . . . they are perfect to mingle between her Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat. I am using both sets for this book and love having the look of different frames.

Journaling: I quit drinking coffee for several years after finding out that I have a milk allergy. I just love milk in my coffee and couldn’t drink it without milk. This year just before Thanksgiving Eddie brought home a sleek black Keurig Coffeemaker . . . and a box of Starbucks decaf for me to try. Well, long story made short is that I’ve begun drinking my morning & evening cup of coffee with Coffee-Mate . . . and added a cup of hot tea for my mid-afternoon sinking spell pick-me-up, and now I am hooked again!

Classic Deckled Frames No. 01 coming soon from Katie Pertiet
Midnight Alphabet – Lynn Grieveson
Pelican Park Solids Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Watery Photo Masks: No.08 – Katie Pertiet
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