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Journaling: This picture captures my life perfectly at this moment. I was trying to shovel the driveway, get the dog in, and take a picture of the snow piles because they were way over my head. You can see just a corner of the mailbox over my hat and see that there’s nothing but snow over my head.
But I was trying to do too many things at once and this is the picture I got. Going too fast, worrying about too many things, and something didn’t work out. It’s a great reminder that we will all adjust to me going
back to work if I just stay steady, breathe, and take some time for myself. Writing it all down is always a huge help so here are my thoughts and reminders to myself.

At this moment:

I am...wondering how I’ll get it all done and
still be the parent that I want to be.
I husband so very much for always
trying to help even when he can’t.
I much responsibility towards ensuring that my kids feel loved and valued.
I see...their stress as we all adjust to me
going back to work after being home for five years.
I gut telling me that we’ll all be fine as long as I stay steady and remember that they all follow my lead.
I’m looking forward to...finding the balance
that I know is out there.
I dread...the day when they’ve left the house and I no longer have these worries.
I am scared of...missing parts of their lives and letting them down.
I am okay when...I remember to take deep breaths, give them all hugs, and let the other stuff go.

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