I was unable to participate in the Chats yesterday, due to this little fellow. But I did risk my camera by taking it out into the below zero temps as I thought this would would be perfect for Merr's Heart Chat!!

Journaling reads:

Nothing is more frustrating than a cow that has an indifferent attitude towards her calf or won’t take her calf. That is a ticket to town in the mind of John Patterson, or in his own words, “Putting wheels under the bi*ch!” The cow in the chute lost her calf during the sub-zero weather we have been experiencing. The calf I am trying to help suck had a mother that showed indifference. So the idea of getting the cow without a calf and the calf without a mother together was born. This heifer wants a calf so badly that after her calf died, she stood at the location where she last saw him for days. So today was the day we decided to make the switch. Both animals are so very willing to make it work. The calf is sucking like a champ and the heifer is loving and licking the calf like it was her own. February 8, 2014
( We have done this procedure way too many times to count…..and it's usually NEVER this easy!!) LOL

Keeping my ranch pages very simple and graphic to please the men in the house!!

OMGosh...just noticed that I put 2013 instead of 2014. I will correct that. It really was this last Saturday !!

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