I loved this week's SSL... I loved the multiple photos across the page and the simple design. Since I'm quite blending-challenged (LOL), I let Katie do the blending for me! *wink* Thanks, 'nana_vg' for the inspiration!

This was the best trip ever! Four major cities in Europe as a chaperone for Shannon's AP Art History class... I got to see wonderful places with my daughter and her friends! A whirlwind, to be sure, but simply the best!

Throughout the trip, Tom warned us about pickpockets and keeping our valuables safe as we toured each city. As the “mom” to your group, I continued to remind you girls to swing your purses to the front or get them off the back of a chair, etc. My newly-found (and often-spoke) “job” morphed into being “anti-pickpocket” which then became “APP”! And you girls became the “APP girls”. For the rest of the trip, all I needed to say was “A-P-P, Annie” or “A-P-P, Vicky” and you’d swing your purse or camera bag around and guard it! And, all throughout the trip, we had APP photos with all or some of the APP girls at various points of interest. It was a lovely, happy group of girls and to this day, each one of them still remembers our motto: APP!


Blendable Maps No. 02
(map brushwork)
Buttoned Up
('smiley' face brad)

Just Linens Paper Pack No. 55
(background paper)

Arrowhead Peak Kit
(title alphabet)

Thanks for looking! Debi