It's my sister's wedding in a couple of weeks, and Peter needed a new suit as he's an usher. While he was trying on suits he handed his jacket and scarf to the children, who were only too happy to help!

I love that Tom also has his Angry Birds jumper on, he loves it - and everything else Angry Birds! He's also better at the game than me!

We had a great time that day, the shop knows that children can get bored while waiting, and had goody bags hung on the edge of some shelves containing colouring books and crayons. That kept them happy till we could move on to more fun activities.

Supplies used:
C Zielske chat freebie;

K Pertiet
Flair Minis No. 01;
Summer Gardens Scrapbooking Kit;

L Grieveson
Miss Millie Kit;
Wonderful Day Kit;