What a fun chat! Merr you outdid yourself . . . I was so inspired with all of your inspiration links.

When I start seing Valentines decorations in the store I immediately think of the huge heart shaped box of candy that my dad would buy for my mom every valentines day. I don’t know if he would have bought such a huge box if there weren’t 6 of us kids or not, but I was always so impressed with the size of that box.
When the guys were growing up I always hid one of the small heart shaped boxes in their backpack so that they would find it at school. Three years after Nathan moved out I still managed to get one of those little boxes in his backpack through one of his friends. He said he saw the box and immediately knew who it was from. I don’t celebrate Valentines day or even decorate for it, but it’s a good reminder for all of us to say “I love you.”

BTW, this is not the box that my dad bought. That one had a zillion pieces of chocolate in it! Wink

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