As any grandparent can tell you, we love each of our grandchildren equally...with equal love, attention, creativity & sheer adoration...differently of course, because they are unique individuals with different likes & personalities...each with their own set of style & humor & insight. But my oldest grandson & I, from the day he was born...literally in the birthing room...had a special connection. This is an "Old Soul" I thought looking down at his face. From the moment we first made eye contact, there has been an indescribably bond between us. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. We all joke about it in the family. This doesn't diminish my relationship with his brother, thank goodness. We too are very very close. But this picture, snapped as I read him a story...sitting in my lap...I believe, captured that which words can not describe. He's 10 now and it's still there. (Oh, yes I see the mis spellings in the page. I have gone back and fixed them in the original.)

All DD