This is for the story challenge – I played with this all day – I added I deleted I just played!
Labor day weekend 1988 – Wendy found us – she had been abandoned – we were just starting to build our home…. We heard her cries on Saturday…. On Sunday we found her …. She was so scared she jumped from the 2nd story of the barn…on Monday she climbed a tree…. She wasn’t afraid of us she was afraid of the dog that had also been dropped off - pregnant…Fred rescued her and she went home with me that night she was helpless and defenseless and irresistible…Fred’s words to convince me to take her home i had never had a cat before. There will never be another Wendy she was one of a kind. A week later the same thing happened again .. we got Tigger. The two kittens were instant friends we had no queen or king just two kittens that were the best of friends….they took the Christmas tree lights and drug the lights and the tree up the stairs the first Christmas…. i decorated that tree 4 times that first year…. Giving up and leaving it empty except for parties.…..The cats were with us as we were working on the house and a dog chased them away…. we searched hi and lo and combed 100 acres in the rain with flashlights searching more nights than i want to admit… but no Wendy or Tigger…. a few months later Wendy came back …. She was walking home down the street and i found her….about 2 streets away in the rain…i was driving my car.... i cried tears of joy…. …. She lived with me again until we got married and then she became our cat …. she woke us up each morning with kisses on the eyelids seconds each morning before the alarm went off …. If we were home she was close…. She literally sat on Fred’s shoulders as he hung every piece of siding shirtless…. She lived with us until cancer took her to cat heaven in 2000. i can’t begin to describe the bond i had with Wendy – its beyond words. Silly me doesn’t have pictures of Wendy and Tigger - this is the only one of them just before i lost Tigger in my defense it was before digital and the time with Tigger was just to short... Wendy is the beautiful Calico and Tigger well he’s the tiger cat.....who’se peeping out from under the stairway everyone know’s its wendy and wendy has stormy eyes.....

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