Here's my take on the "Great Love Story Scrapbook Challenge". While it is certainly not what you think about when you think of love stories, my son definitely has a passion about and for fishing.

The journaling reads: Wes, you are a passionate fisherman. You love to fish anywhere, anytime, any way you can and for anything that will bite. From your first fish in South Padre Island, you were hooked. When you were 6 and we went to Colordado, you begged me to take you fishing every single day. Since dad wasn’t along, I did...every single day. I knew then and there, this was going to be a life long passion for you. It also doesn’t hurt that Daddy loves to fish too and it’s
because of your mutual love of fishing that you have the opportunity to spend time together doing what you both love. Fishing has taken you to some amazing places and I don’t just mean physicallly. You have won Tag & Release Awards from the Billfish Foundation and became the youngest person ever, at age 11, to become a member of the IGFA’s Billfish Royal Slam Club. You’ve graced the covers of both magazine and chamber of commerce pamphlets with your catches. You’ve been to some amazing exotic places to fish like Venezuala and you’ve been on a boat in Nova Scotia with researcher’s from U of Mass, catching 1,000 lb. tuna to attach sattelite tags for tracking purposes. But the truth is you seem to be just as happy standing on the lakeshore catching trout. So, where will this love of fishing take you?. Only time will tell. But my guess is that whatever the future holds for you, fishing will be involved!

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