It's the month of Love and I think we all have other loves in our lives other than a partner.

Jamie and his grandpa have a special kind of love, I love watching them together.

journaling: This an ever changing love story. A story about a man and a boy. A man called Pa. A boy called Jamie.

Pa is a big, chunky man with a bald head. Quite bushy eyebrows frame is round face. His sense of dress isn’t great. He says “first out wins”. His spikey unshaven face is spattered with silver patches, a sure sign that age is catching up. Full of opinions and knowledge and fun and sense of adventure. He can be kind and gentle and caring. He loves to talk to Jamie all the time. That’s a good thing.

Jamie is a skinny little 3 year old with a definite sense of dress. He knows, without doubt, exactly what he wants to wear each morning. Even if you can’t find it. He has to have the Peter Pan costume or the Ninja turtle T-shirt. No negotiation. He has a full head of blonde hair, with matching blonde eyebrows. Gorgeous blonde eyelashes make this face irresistable. He chatters non-stop. Claiming “ I only stop talking when I sleep Nannie”. Questioning how, why and where in a barrage of inquisitiveness Jamie has a general knowledge and vocabulary way beyond his years. This is a good thing (apparently)

So the 2 of them chitter chatter constantly. What’s this Pa? How does this work? You said we could do this after my sleep Pa. (He never forgets) Their love for each other is visible. They laugh and chat and explore each time they are together. They share. They act silly. They trust each other and their love is easy. Just like it should be, A grandad and his grandson. A surely special thing


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