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When I thought of my greatest love, I just knew I had to do a page about my beautiful Molly girl.

[ I used a watercolour filter from Photoshop on the photograph ]

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When I talk about my greatest love, I know its wrong to say this, it should be my husband, or my family, or my step-children, but honestly, when I look deep into my heart, my greatest love of all is my girl Molly.

She has given us so many amazing good years, shes about 14 now. We dont even know when her birthday is. Shes a geriatric and suffering strains of dementia, her old bones are creaking and groaning, her eyesight is hazy and yes, shes overweight.

But she still has that glint in her eyes and while that spark is still there and she is happy, I will stand behind and champion her every step of the way.

She forgets a lot now, its the dementia. She goes outside, looks around confused and wonders why shes there. She has moments of forgetting shes old and shell run after Lucky and then realise that was a mistake and fall in a heap puffing like a steam train.

She sleeps by my side of the bed, and I will get up when she gets the wanders in the early hours
and settle her back down into her bed. Its what you do for someone you love. I remind her when its time to go wees of a night and stand by her to make sure she doesnt forget why shes out there. I slip her extra treats when Lucky isnt watching.

The heat this summer has really taken a toll
on my girl but she wont go into the little pool to cool off, so I follow her around with the hose. I tell her its tough love when I give her a dowsing of water.

My darling Molly, looking after you now in your geriatric years is a small price to pay for all the love and devotion you have given us. We both love you to the moon and back. Keep that glint in your eyes gorgeous girl. Its how we know youre still okay and your heart is still with us.