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Journaling: You had an ultrasound this week to check on your hips. This was because of a family history of ‘clicky hips’. You did really well and I think that might have had something to do with the heated towels they had you laying on. You slept through most of it! While there was no indication of you having clicky hips, they did say your hips had not fully matured yet. So it seems we will be going back in another 6 weeks to have that checked. They are not worried and said everything looked normal, so we are not worried about it. You are becoming quite vocal with your coos now. You like to ‘talk’ to the hanging toys above your bassinet. You particularly love your owls. A couple of times this week you almost laughed at them! You also discovered your fist and you like to chew on it. You spent a bit more time in your bouncer this week. Now that you are awake more and want to spend more time out of your bassinet, you enjoy lying in there and watching your brother and having Mummy and Daddy bounce you. You think it’s great! At the end of this week you went through a bit of a fussy stage. You stopped napping and feeding on schedule and had us up until 3am Saturday morning. We think it was a major growth spurt. At least we hope so because if this is a new schedule for you, we don’t like it one little bit, sweet baby! Mummy and Daddy have some pretty impressive bags under their eyes!!