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Love Me Do Kit
Tiny Treasures Template Set No. 02

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JOURNALING: Your heat rash got a lot worse before it got better this week. By Tuesday your entire face, ears, neck, shoulders and scalp were covered in it. I think it bothered me more than you though and you took it all in your stride. You never complained once! By Thursday when we went back for your check up though it was clearing up fairly quickly. The cooler temperatures helped a lot too!! Another big thing this week was the extra sleep we got! You started missing out your midnight feed and we were suddenly getting 5 hours sleep. One night we even got 6 hours sleep! It seems like you are growing and changing just far too quickly! You started cooing and gurgling the most adorable little sounds this week. Your Daddy was cuddling with you and it seems that all of a sudden you needed to have a conversation with him! You were grinning and cooing away - I wish we knew what you were telling him! You have tried having conversations with your big brother, too. I am sure it’s to tell him how awesome you think he is because whenever you see him you do nothing but smile big at him! We just love watching the two of your together, baby girl!