why is it?
I have hundreds, no, thousands of photographs unscrapped...
yet I am drawn to the ones I've scrapped before!

After I scrapped this page I had a feeling I'd done this before...
Do you ever have that happen?

Well, sure enough, I went through my gallery and found these photos in this page

oh well, it is a really good memory... well worth being scrapped twice Wink

Looking for Love Solids [recolored slightly]
Extended Journalers No.1
Little Enamel Arrows No1
Enamel Alpha: Lime
Multimedia Dots No1 [recolored]
Bookshelf Basics Brushes No1
Candy Hearts No3
Away We Go Brushes

Washi Tapes: Lovely -recolored-
Watery Arrows No2
Vintage Frames No34