I had planned to make this the same as week 3, but someone (!) saved the .psd file as a merged one. So much for that idea. I wasn't into trying to recreate...

SUNDAY Another cold day. Not quite sure what to do after I've read the newspaper. Cook? clean? read? choices choices. Dick brought crab cakes home. MONDAY Cold day, still no one in to advise me at Hospice. New referral to pick up for Verklin tomorrow. / Downstairs ready for cleaners; meatloaf made; chili mac meat cooked; lunch eaten./ Got a big box of album page protectors, 60 for $9. Espresso and a warm afternoon in a clean house. TUESDAY JSJ at Janie’s & a good talk about hospice etc. Signed up for the Orientation at the Eastport Girls Club on Feb 13th. / Snow arrived! /knee Dr. appnt. cancelled.WEDNESDAY Cold cold! Maria had already shoveled the snow by the time I got up. / Dick shoveled the front out and I did nothing. He did work hard! / Got CA pages done, ate lunch, now just dinner with Iain to do as well as decide what to do with all Dick's good pics. THURSDAY Good day at Talbot Hospice. Talked with Norma and she had some ideas about what Bereavement might do in the future. / Looked for LL Bean at outlets. Not there. Captain Phillips & Pizza night. FRIDAY Breakfast, dressed and off to Yoga. Should I Take the stuff to Severna Park or wait…choices. Wait./ Forgot to take video with me when I went to Yoga so went back out this afternoon to return it and get Blue Jasmine. Not enjoyable. SATURDAY Dick met Jim for coffee. I washed my hair./ Amish market for yeast and garlic chips ./ Shoppers for frozen veggies. / 32 degrees!

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