the year was 1969 My Aunt Dodie and her friend Penny headed off in the little blue volkswagon…. And we were in our car we were to meet at the first Gulf station on the other side of Atlanta … as we headed on the interstate they went the wrong way north to NYC we were heading south to Florida - I wanted Papaw to go after them before they arrived in NYC the guardian angels were with them they pulled up 10 minutes after we did …. We were standing on the roadside so they would see us better. They were waving furiously as we all got back together again - never ever will Mamaw say lets meet at the first Gulf Station on the other side of Atlanta - who would know where to meet! This photo was taken after Randy hitchhiked from Ohio to Florida to meet us - guess he wanted to be with Penny on vacation - Mamaw solved the problem with a girls hotel room and a boys hotel room! Randy - Penny - Dodie- Berk and Jay - Me and Mamaw – fyi I was 10

oh I liked this challenge a lot between the freebies and the template it was super easy and fun!!!

Freebies from the mask Challenge and
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Beach House Memories Mini Kit
Surf-n-Sand Paper Pack
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