I made this with the challenge templates – I love the mashup challenges! I need to get back to work on making that happen! It is so hard to stay focused! I won Katie’s win in on Wednesday $5 from the 30 minute scrap and 50% off at thrifty Thursday – this has been a great scrapbooking week – it makes up for the -2 degree temperatures and the snow shoveling – almost! 2 birds 1 stone challenge and title page done and off the to do list....

Sweet Rose Bay Complete Collection
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 17
Layer Works No. 280
Caught on Film Layered Template
New Years resolution - still going strong used 3 kits I hadn't used before - lol well 2 of them are new - 1 I won and the other I got with the $5 so that counts - yes!