I saved baby things from each of the children. As they have had children of their own I’ve given them their baby clothes stash. Somehow I managed to give Tricia hers but overlooked this dress and then forgot I had it. My mom made the granddaughters a pastel one of spring and a red and white on for Christmas. She also made slips for under the dress. They were really adorable. I know I have photos of Tricia in this one but I didn’t want to take the time to put it out and scan it.

I found this little dress that your Great-Grandma Messer crocheted for your mommy, Tricia, when she was just about your age. We put it on you and it fit perfectly, but you were not too thrilled with it. You kept poking your fingers through all the “holes”. and you couldn’t wait to get it off! But you sure looked cute while you wore it!

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