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FONT: Century Gothic
JOURNALING: Both Poppy and Lincoln had some unsettled days this week. In Lincoln’s case though we think he had a growth spurt. He is suddenly a whole lot taller! Mum’s focus this week was getting the house somewhat organised. Previously homeless possessions now have homes and both kids rooms and the playroom are now somewhat under control! It makes the end of day toy tidy up much easier to manage! Poppy started to develop a heat rash on her cheeks during the week. It started off quite mild and I just focused on keeping her in the cool but by the weekend it was worse and spreading. It did not seem to be bothering her but I made a doctor appt for Monday to be sure it was heat rash. We’ll see what the doctor says! Friday I knocked a drink over my laptop and it died! Thankfully my hard drive went in the spare laptop no problems! It’s time to computer shop though - woohoo! Saturday we dropped in for a quick visit at Nana and Pa W’s as Uncles X and X were visiting and Poppy had not yet met them.

I Love You: This little gem comes out when Linc has been naughty and is about to be warned for it. How are you supposed to use your ‘serious face’ when he does that?! He is too stinkin’ cute! And smart.

Lincoln likes to keep me company while I am nursing Poppy. It’s nothing for him to cuddle in to my side and stroke her little feet while she nurses. We just love how sweet he is with his sister!

When I break things it is almost always done in threes. This weekend was no exception. It started with spilling my drink over my laptop. This equalled sudden death! Thankfully I have a spare laptop to get my scrappy fix until we get a new computer! Then I went to charge my phone and it was dead too. Refused to charge. I hated it anyway, what a shame! I am still waiting for #3. Hopefully it will be some gadget that has been really bugging me but I’ve yet to replace!