Wow a year has almost passed and i truly haven't scrapped our wedding photos. I am getting to it Smile
Journaling : I belong to, you belong to me my sweet h-e-a-r-t. Yes it's a song and I am singing. Smile Isn't it true? You really make me feel whole. When you aren't around I feel like a part of me has gone. The
rational part. The loud, opinionated part. The comedy club and snoring is gone too.
So please stay by my side forver, and let the times apart be short. Lets simply get
old and wrinkly and crotchety together. Hey there mister... I love you. x0x0x0x

Credits :

Maple Brook Studios - Dalara Linens
Ali Edwards - Life with you.
Lynn G- love-me-do kit
Katie Pertiet_Graphic Word Blocks No5