This is me visiting my parents in Abode #326 in Denver for Christmas and having an ichat on my Dad's Mac with with my brother in London on his Mac. A standard thing for us is to take pictures of us taking pictures of us. So the picture on the left is MY picture of our Mac screen with my brother in London (us in the upper corner) and the picture on the right my brother's picture of HIS Mac screen with me taking a picture of our Mac. I really wanted to do these pictures but had a lot of problems because the pictures didn't lend themselves to framing. I hope this is OK by DD standards. (By the way, my Dad is 82 here and my mom is 81, I'm so blessed to have these parents.) This is for this Saturday Scraplift:

Katie Pertiet
Around Words: December No. 01 Brushes and Stamps
Golden Chevrons No. 01
Woodland Decor Stickers and Stamps No. 01
Knitted Accents: Winter Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Worn Strips No. 05
Stamped Blocks No. 30 Brushes and Stamps
Cabana White Solid Paper Single
Twisted Stitches No. 02

Maplebrook Studios
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 43