All DD – I’ll add the credits in the morning….my office is across from Mamaws bedroom so I have to go to bed….. I just got this template on Thursday lw 267 ….Lynn’s new stamp and classic cardstock oyster
Black tag – this is me
Something on an angle the words all bundled up stroke is black….
Something worn or torn and a one word title …. Thanks to the template….life is good and 1 photo for Linda from today when I was out shoveling….
Journaling….My brain quits working when it gets cold out and my arms aren’t long enough for selfies - oh I am so tired of shoveling snow - maybe if they quit making the cute winter stuff and started making the spring stuff it would get warmer in Ohio !!!!!

Timely Date Brushes and Stamps
Layer Works No. 267
Classic Cardstock: Oyster Paper Pack