I am SO loving Lynn's templates for this album! Love, love, love them and the pages come together so easily! I don't really have much time to sit and scrap lately but I am out of bed anywhere between 4-5:30am at the moment and not getting to sleep before 12am, so I have a page open all day and work on it for a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day. Scrapping is how I unwind, so I'll always find time somewhere. Sleep is overrated anyway. Or rather, I'll just keep telling myself that.. Wink

Thanks for looking! Smile

Bisbee Kit (bow)
Hint at it: Love
Indo Chine Kit
Miss Millie Kit
Natures Best Flowers
Tiny Treasures Template Set (some elements used from this set)
Tiny Treasures Template Set No. 02
Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 11
Yonder Kit

Font: The Only Exception, Century Gothic
Journaling: This was a tough week for us, my darling girl! You were quite unsettled for most of the week. Thankfully you are not much of a crier but you were clingy and wanting to nurse every hour - 24/7. You also did not nap so well and had started spitting up after every feed. I decided to ride it out thinking you were having a bit of a growth spurt. I noticed late in the week that the white spot you have had on your top gum had gotten bigger and so made you an appointment with the doctor just to find out what it was. It had been there a couple of weeks and rather looked like a tooth me. I kept thinking it obviously wasn’t a tooth because you were so young and also partly because your brother was almost one before he got his first tooth! I told the doctor he would probably think I was crazy for suggesting it but he took one look at your gum and confirmed it was in fact a tooth. Had a doctor not told me that it was possible, I would have never believed it! You have indeed had a bit of a growth spurt too because a lot of your clothes no longer fit and you have developed the most adorable chubby cheeks and rolls! You have started smiling a lot more now and your cheeky grin just melts our hearts! I quite often call you ‘cheeky chops’ and your big brother must have been paying attention because one day this week I found him sitting beside you while you were in your bouncer. He was gently stroking your leg and saying “Hello cheeky chops!” And now when I ask him who he loves, he tells me “cheeky chops!” Lincoln is still in awe of you, baby girl. He still loves to give you kisses and cuddles and tell you good morning. You are so lucky to have each other and we are just so lucky to have you both!