Journaling reads:
“A Chamber of Commerce Day in Big Sky Country;” Not so much! What the lens doesn’t show is that the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up to gather and sort, let alone shut the door of the trailer to ship steers. We turn around and there stands #48 and her buddies undaunted by the elements. From -40 to 100+ degrees these girls cope, survive and thrive in an environment most would claim a Bad Hair Day, we just call it.....Gettin’ Western. October 17, 2012

The small text on the left is her actual registered name.

Keeping my ranch pages very simple and graphic to please the men in the house!!

Katie Pertiet:
Fine Lines Page Titles No. 12 Brushes and Stamps

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Anders Solids Paper Pack

Lynn Grieveson:
Miss Millie Kitvarrow

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