Had to scrap a fun moment from my recent USA trip, whilst trying to work out how to set the whole album out. There were laughs and hilarity teaching these girls to do the "Tim Tam Suck".
Err, we did have some other "suckers" (Beckie! Katie!) but their heads were so far buried in the bowl in the photos!!!!

Katie Pertiet:
Tidwater Solids paper
Thin classic photo frames curled and flat no.1
Watery Washes No. 3
Watery spots no. 10
Ripped Quote Strips: Family brushes & stamps
Brushed arrows brushes & stamps No.1
Curled Journalling spots
Flair Minis no. 1

Fonts: Franklin and Junction

Journalling: I came armed with Tim Tams intent on teaching these ladies the ‘Tim Tam Suck’. Boy, did they teach me a thing or too! They totally got stuck into it, no hot coffee for them to suck through the biscuit, they were straight into the rum !! How on earth we managed it throughout all the giggles, Mollie’s expression was priceless, I can still hear her shocked expression when the rum hit her mouth, telling us “oh you girls are bad” Great job ladies, you are all Honorary Aussies!

Memory from Carol - Photographs from Myra