I can’t believe you two have been married almost a year already. And what a stormy year it’s been for you both. Not stormy between the two of you, you understand, but outside influences having a trying effect on your first year together as husband and wife. First, the burglary, then Dewald having to work away from home more, then the mouldy apartment, then the apartment flood. And yet, you have both showed amazing resilience to all of these events that could have easily got you both down. Hayley, each time we speak to you, your positive attitude shines through and we know you are very happy which is all we ask for. I’m seeing strengths in you, were I would see weakness in myself. No doubt you will face further challenges as you steer your course through your life together but I know your commitment to one another is stronger than ever. Why wouldn’t it be when you kept your relationship going for two years... long distance? I also know that you are both glad to see the back of 2013. So here’s to 2014, a new beginning. We hope that this is a better year for you both. We also know that whatever life throws at you, you will both stand side by side and weather the storms together, supporting one another. Always remember that our love for you both, and Ava, is unconditional, no matter what. And that we love the three of you more than we can say. Just know that. ALWAYS.

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