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December Woods Scrapbook Kit
Doodled Block Alphabet No. 03
Jingle 3x4 Printable Journal Cards
Jingle Add-On Paper Pack
Jingle Scrapbook Kit
Merry and Bright Add-On Paper Pack
Merry and Bright Scrapbooking Kit
Merry and Bright Solids Paper Pack
Pocket Cards: 2013 Calendar Cards No. 01
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 16
Symbology Enamel Brads No. 02
Woodside Jangle Journalers
Hand Drawn Numbers 32-52 Brushes and Stamps
Joy and Light Words Brushes and Stamps
Pound # Christmas Brushes and Stamps
Rainy Days Brushes and Stamps
Toothy No. 02 Paper Pack
Readymade Clusters: December No. 01

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JOURNALING: Christmas week! We started the week off with a trip to the Dr. for Poppy’s and my check ups. He was happy with everything. My midwife was worried that my wound may be getting infected but the Dr. said it looked fine. Afterwards Dad braved the grocery store - luckily by himself! It was chaos and we were glad when he got home! Christmas Eve morning we started cooking for our little family feast for that night. Linc and Dad made the trek to BCF for a new gas bottle for the bbq and snuck in a trip to the jewellery store for another gift for Mum! Cheats! We had a nice meal and once the kiddos were asleep put all of the gifts under the tree! Santa snuck in some time during the night and left even more gifts! Linc woke up early Christmas morning and completely missed the stocking and tonka truck Santa had also left beside his bed! He loved everything once he noticed it all and did not know what to play with first! We headed to Nana and Pa W’s for lunch and presents with the rest of our family. Linc had a great day playing with his cousins and miss Poppy enjoyed lots of cuddles! We all slept well that night! Or as well as you can sleep with a newborn! Boxing Day was spent eating leftovers and tinkering with new toys. We actually spent the rest of the week hanging out at home. We neither wanted to go near the stores or the crowds. Linc is in love with his Buzz Lightyear toy that Nana and Pa W gave him. We have even heard him say ‘I love Buzz!” and saw him give it kisses, cuddles and try to share his snacks with it!