And 3 weeks!!

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April Kit (blue paper for scalloped edge)
Candy Christmas Kit
Essentials: Masking Tape No. 01
June Kit (blue flower)
Stamped Words Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Taffy Mini-Kit (rub on)
Tiny Treasures Template Set

Font: The Only Exception, Century Gothic
Journaling: Two weeks old already, my sweet girl! How on earth did that happen?! You experienced your first Christmas this week and you took it all in your stride. We had a quiet family dinner at home on Christmas Eve - just the four of us. You were a little unsettled and wanting to nurse constantly. We think in hindsight you might have been having your first growth spurt. Suddenly some of your newborn clothes that were a little too big now can’t be done up! It’s like they got too small overnight! Your big brother though wanted to soothe you so badly while you were unsettled and wanted nothing more than to make you happy again. He kept rubbing your leg and talking to you ever so softly and do you know what? You stopped fussing the whole time he was trying to care for you. A couple of times this week also he tried to wrap you or give you a dummy when you were fussy. He loves you so much and it’s a real treat watching how gentle he is with you. You spent most of Christmas Day being loved on by your Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I think you lapped it up too, my girl! You are starting to find your voice though and your little squeaks are starting to be replaced with a proper baby cry. It’s still sounds ever so delicate to me! After a few days of fussing all night long though, you are back to a 2-3 hour nap/feed schedule. No matter how tired I get though, you won’t hear me complain. Even when fussy, you are still such a calm and happy baby. What more could we possibly ask for? We are so blessed!