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Hawaii was a total indulgence to end the trip. We had a scruffy big old hotel room complete with kitchen, in Waikiki. We walked on the beach and swam in the little hotel pool. One morning we woke very early to catch the first shuttle bus to Hanauma Bay. There were only a few people there, and no entry fee or visitor centre. We snorkelled for hours, before the crowds started to arrive. The last day we gathered up our luggage and waited on the street for a shuttle (passersby clocking XXXXs guitar and saying “heading off huh?”, assuming we had been there working as entertainers!) At the airport we were at the gate waiting to board the flight back to NZ when everyone rushed to the window. With my walkman on I hadn’t heard the explosion but the thick smoke and flames coming from our plane couldn’t be missed. With the plane completely out of commission thanks to the engine dramatically blowing up we were stuck in Hawaii. After hours of waiting around we were flown late that night to the island of Kona and put up at a luxury golf resort. But our luggage didn’t come with us so we had no clothes. Fortunately I had black underwear on so swam in the fancy pool in that. On the second day they flew us back to Honolulu and we caught the plane to Auckland.