I love Connie's choice for the SSL this week. It only took one look at Heidi's sweet page and I knew exactly what I was going to scrap. Thanks so much for the inspiration girls!

After I recommended we play mahjong . . . and after Taylor said, “oh my gosh, that’s an old people’s game” . . . I (mortified) explained how Nonno had brought this game over from China when I was a kid and we played it all the time on a special table that he had made. After I taught you guys how to build the walls, taught you the rules, and told you what it took to win . . . you thought it might be an ok game. Then, after seeing what the scoring was like and realizing this was a gambling game . . . you all decided you kind of liked this old people’s game.
What you didn’t realize was that you had made my year. I felt like I brought
a piece of my childhood to you guys; a piece of Nonno, a piece of family
history. Plus, this was a game that I loved to play with you guys. A game
that didn’t take hours and hours to play and have a million little army pieces
with a hundred strategy cards and didn’t require anyone to “attack” anyone else.
Merry Christmas you guys. I love you to the wall and back.

Katie Pertiet:
Redwork Solids Paper Pack
Painted Book Paper Pack No. 02
Paint it Gold No. 01
Attic Treasures Scrapbooking Kit (frame)
Make Your Own Postmarks Pack No. 02