I went down, but not with Alice ...
(apologies to AA Milne)

Fade Out & Torn template album No.02


We caught the bus back down to London, and stayed with friends again (though they weren’t expecting us as xxxxx had sent them a postcard but forgotten to say when we were coming!). They had two Australians dossing there as well so there were four of us sleeping in their living room. The heatwave was continuing . Since we hadn’t managed it before we waited for hours to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, suffering through being kicked by Italian teenagers as we sat on the kerb to wait. I met up with my friend xxxx from the xxxxx Research Centre again and we managed to get locked into the BRC by the cleaners while sitting around talking till late. We had to break though the fire doors then climb over a 7ft fence to escape. The next day xxxx and I flew out from Gatwick to New York.