Living with my relatives in Darlington (north-east England)

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Our tickets to New Zealand were not valid for several weeks so for just over a month we lived with Carol in Darlington. To our surprise (given the state of the economy and the unemployment rate in the North-East) we both found work immediately. I was offered a job helping out at the first temp agency I went to. The owner had just died and her young assistant was running it on her own. The work mostly involved telling men in their 40s and 50s who had been made redundant that, no, there were still no suitable jobs for them. After all the cheques we paid out bounced I had to take over ringing the bank and the bereaved boyfriend of the business owner. Poor XXXXXX got work plucking feathers in a turkey factory. We sold Mary the car and spent the weekends visiting boot sales with Carol and Nan. We all went to Knaresborough and to Redcar and Whitby.