I made a commitment to start and finish an AAM album this year. When I went through my mom's things after her death, I found that she had recorded no stories---not a single one. I feel like I don't know her very well. I wanted to have something for my family, and even though I am very uncomfortable focusing on myself in a scrapbook, I need to do it. Wish me luck! I have committed to a two-page layout every two weeks, or four pages a month.


Maplebrook Studios Ingrid
Lynn Grieveson Worn Page Edges No. 5
Pattie Knox Fasten Its
Katie Pertiet Watery Photo Masks No. 5
Katie Pertiet Yarn Swirls No. 3
Katie Pertiet Flourishing Leaves No. 4
Katie Pertiet Roughed Up Paper No. 2
Katie Pertiet Defined Clippings No. 2
Katie Pertiet My Family Genealogy Definitions No. 5