This is what I did today in between shoveling snow I played with my stash….scrapbooking fun….shoveling not so much!!!
Snow is falling; 2 to 4 inches expected today
Snow – I love snow – except when I have to shovel it – When I had to start shoveling my own snow – I realized I was more like my grandmother than I knew – I go out with the broom – and start sweeping the steps – then I get my shovel and I do round 1 and repeat it until the snow stops – round 1 for me is the front driveway – in front of my car – so we can get out and the sidewalk in the front and around to the back steps – one time I got my doors froze shut – I never ever want to have that happen again. Round 1 was at 7:30 this morning about 2 inches on the ground….Round 1 repeat about 10am 3” on the ground. Round 2 is ½ of the driveway and Round 3 is the other ½ of the driveway and the back sidewalks. When the snow gets deep… and I’m there now…. My Neighbor Mike Drives through the driveway with his snow plow…. I just have to unbury the car and drive around the block while he does it…..This snow is filled with wind and its drifting ….I just checked the weather online forcast has changed … now its 3 to 5 inches… Mamaw is sleeping I think I’ll go turn on “The Price is Right” and watch it with her….….Round 1 repeat about noon. 4 pm it’s all done – I just unburied the car ….. the drifts are a foot deep – I just walked through them and my toes are cold!

Layer Works No. 395
Flaked Edges Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Chalkboard Stars Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Crowning Affair: Vibrant Kit
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 02
Winter Peony Kit
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and some retired stuff from my stash - New Years Resolution - use things in my stash at least 1 time # I used 4 I hadn't used before!!!