Here is the last page in Carl's book (volume 1). It is the companion page to this one:
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OK, now I know what a trial is! A trial is a place where you do the same stuff that you do in class, except the humans get all nervous and crazy about it. And you do it in a new place and on strange equipment. Mama and I went to Carthage Mo and we stayed with Ms. Marty and Maggie. And guess what? My other mother - my first human Mama - came to see me run. I recognized her right off. You can see on the other page that I had two really good days in Jumpers with Weaves (JWW). I got two Q’s and two first place finishes in my class. The people think those Q’s are SUPER. (I’m still not sure what Q’s are - I just did what Mama told me to do.) But, where I really had fun was in the Standard runs. Have you ever watched an agility trial? Standard is the one where they have all that cool equipment, like the A-frame, the dog walk and the teeter (well, the teeter is not cool - it is creepy). You are supposed to do the course and equipment in a certain order. But I think all that structure is for the birds. So, I decided to make up my own course...both days. Of course, on day 2 part of it WAS Mama’s fault because she started before the Judge said go. (Remember about humans getting nervous and crazy?) Well, I started off in front of the tire. And when Mama said go I jumped through it. So far, so good. But really, why should I do the triple jump after that? I decided to parade up and down the fence for a few laps. Everyone in the stands thought it was funny. Ms. Dawn (another friend) made a video tape and someone was snickering the whole way through. After my fence parade I decided to give Mama a break so I came back and did about 3 jumps in a row. But when I turned the corner - guess what? More new people so I did another parade. Again, lots of laughs so the other people were liking my course. And then there was the table. You saw me on it on another page in my book. But really - it is much more artistic if you jump on it...and off it...and on it...and off it instead of Just getting on it and lying down. And I decided to bail off the teeter in mid-air rather than take it to the ground. I thought running a circle all the way around the A-frame before I went up and over was a really nice touch. And weave poles...never seen ‘em before. (I did do them eventually). I went through the tunnel but then I decided to add an extra jump. After all, I am a great jumper. Then this buzzer sounded (something about being out of time) and we had to leave the field. I had a BLAST. And even Mama was having to work hard not to laugh. Alas, no Q’s on these runs.
Credits: All DD
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