My littlest one turned three this past Sunday. There is so much more I could journal about but I wanted to keep the main photo fairly large. Thanks for looking!

Journaling - Kyle, you are three today. Lately you have been obsessed with Daddy’s phone, listening to music going back and forth between songs. I think you just like to push the buttons and see how it changes what is happening on the phone. You are also learning it is fun to join in when the older kids are being rambunctious, especially if they have friends over. You run and squeal right along with them. Daddy took the side off your crib today so you can get in (and out) on your own. You are getting more opinionated and throwing more tantrums when you don’t get your way, but you are still very easy-going most of the time. At the beginning of November I started taking you to the tot room at the gym, and while it took a couple weeks of you crying and being very sad that I was leaving you there, you now look forward to going. Your favorite thing to watch is either a Dora or Diego episode, and you are very particular about which DVD you want to watch. When we are done in the bathroom you think it is the funniest thing to run as fast as you can back to your room and shut the door before I get there. We love you Kyle!

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