December slipped away into travel to San Miguel de Allende, renovation of our southern home,
and preparations for my lifetime trip to India.
This is my favorite photo of the month…including the holidays.
Not the sweetest, most personal photo of the month…that belongs to the grand people
But this photo was perhaps my first real “street photo” that I like and that works.
I asked them if it was ok. They were walking home from school.
We were walking in front of them. I turned around, saw them, and turned back and thought about it.
I turned round and asked, they nodded and the shy girl turned her head.
The other three beauties posed like models.
I was happy.

Lifting Anx's page actually helped me work out the best cropping and colors for this page.
I loved the simplicity of her page but I couldn't cut out the color on this photo.
I just left out words and used Katie's truth words.

Thanks for looking.

Katie Pertiet

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