This is for my PL so I will do another birth story page for the baby book. Smile

This little girl is now 16 days old! How did that happen!?

Thanks for looking! Smile

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JOURNALING: 39 WEEKS! Only a couple of hours before Poppy will be born! It’s hard to believe this is the last belly shot! This pregnancy flew by fast!

We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am as I was one of the first surgeries on the list. This meant being up and out of bed at 4am. Dylan thought I was crazy but I just did not want to rush! We met Mum and Step Daddy at the hospital and they took Linc for the day. After some admission paperwork, off we went to the maternity ward to settle into our room and wait to be called to theatre! We met our midwife Megan who would be going to theatre with us and looking after me. She gave me those horrid socks to wear, the gown and another gown to cover my butt as we walked to theatre! Just as we were getting settled into the room she came to tell us it was our turn in theatre! There was no time to be nervous up until that point and now I started to worry just a little! As Linc’s c-section was an emergency, I never had time to take in what was actually happening. Once they realised there was a problem they acted straight away. This time I was fully aware of what was going on. We got to theatre and Dylan was given his special outfit to wear. Before I knew it, they were putting in the spinal block and getting me ready. It took a while for the block to work and then once it finally did I was an itchy mess. Bless the doctors for whatever they put in my drip to stop that! One thing I did realise this time around was how much longer the surgery seemed to take. Then before we knew it, they were pulling Miss Poppy out and with the tiniest little squeak, she made her entrance into this world! We were expecting her to be a big baby but she was actually quite average sized at 3.5kgs! And gorgeous! I think my first words were “Look how little she is!” followed by “Oh my gosh, she’s so beautiful!”. She was given to me for a little cuddle and then Poppy and Dylan went back to the ward while I went to recovery. It was only suppose to be for 30 mins but took 2 hrs as the spinal took forever to go down. I finally got back to the ward and given some Mummy/Daughter time. After a successful first nurse, Poppy slept on my chest for nearly 3 hours. She woke up just before her big brother and Grandparents arrived to meet her. She is so placid and content and we really hope she stays that way! Once everyone left for the night, it was back to having lots of cuddles with Mummy and Poppy did not complain!

Dylan just loves his baby girl. Something we both kept saying was how little and fragile she seemed compared to Linc. One thing is for sure, she is so her Daddy’s little princess! They got to share a wonderful bond while I was stuck in recovery. Dylan fed Miss Poppy her first meal of Mummy’s expressed milk and he also got to change her first messy nappy, too! Ha! I could watch these cuddles all day long. It’s just so sweet!

COMING HOME: We were allowed to go home on the 19th and I was really excited! The hospital was so great but I wanted to get home to my boys! We stopped in at Nana W’s on the way home to get Linc and I was in SO much pain. Poppy never woke up and had lots of cuddles with Nana and Aunty J. It was good to get home though and I am really looking forward to working out our new normal!