Getting close to the end of another year of POTD!! I still love this project. Photos like this are ones I'll treasure for ever - and may not have thought to take without POTD.
Some of you have met this little computer. Some of you heard me say nasty things about it. It really didn't cope with processing 25Mbyte raw files. But maybe it will suit my mother's needs just fine. My Dad has about 5 computers, some of which he lets Mum use, and he lets her read his emails that are addressed to them both. And he thinks that is enough. She didn't even have her own email address! I have been on a campaign trail about that one!! And it was so lovely to see my mother so excited to finally have her own computer!
Journaling: This is the computer that Deborah bought to take overseas, that Amy then used for a while at Uni and that I then took with me to the USA. It is too slow for our needs, but might just suit Mum who has no computer to call her own. I set it up with her user name and Dad was helping her to log on for the first time and make a password. I am looking forward to being able to communicate with her directly via email and facebook. This has been long overdue!
Lynn Grieveson
Big Shot Album Templates
Pattie Knox
Getting There Kit (retired)
Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty No. 11 Paper Pack
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01 (for the shadow behind the white mat)