Had to document the story on the fake interpreter … what an outrage in the deaf community!

Here's my journaling on the two blocks regarding the fake interpreter:

The Fake Interpreter with President Obama at Nelson Mandela's Memorial Ceremony. How did he get past security?

Deaf people around the world, including myself, were outraged at the fact that a man who held himself as a legitimate South African Sign Language Interpreter turned out to be a charlatan. He's a fake interpreter. it was so sad learning that this kind of fake interpreting is part of South Africa's complex history with its Deaf citizens. "the limited number of signs, the amount of repetition, lack of facial expressions and huge gaps in translation meant that deaf or hard of hearing people across the world were completely excluded from one of the biggest events in recent history." such a shock for me to see this!

Now imagine if you were a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual in America. What if this interpreter was interpreting for you in court? Was with you in your visit with your doctor? Was with you as you were being questioned by the police either as a witness or a suspect of a crime? Was interpreting for you at your wedding?  You would miss out on so much. That is why interpreters are so important to Deaf people. That is why Deaf people demand that an interpreter be competent in translating for them. The interpreter is also there for you to help you understand what the Deaf person is telling you. An interpreter is there to help facilitate effective communication between both parties. How does having an interpreter help hearing people? It allows for clear communication to occur between both parties, reducing frustration, confusion and misunderstanding that might occur.

Basic supplies used each week:
Grey background: Andrea Victoria Pina
White paper: Michelle Martin Layla solids
Stitched grid: Katie Pertiet Pocket Pages Stitched Grids No 2
Circle Date numbers: Pattie Knox Speed Byte No 165 Epoxies
Primary kit for papers and elements: Katie Pertiet Jingle

Other DD Supplies:
Katie Pertiet Clipped Stacks Frames No 6
Katie Pertiet Sweet St Nicholas candy cane bracket alpha, snowy chimney and present epoxies
Katie Pertiet Bursting Words No 3 extracted the word art "snow day enjoy the moments"
Lynn Grieveson Summer Sunset cream red outline frame
Katie Pertiet Chalkboard Circle Dots Black No 1 "right here" arrow
Katie Pertiet Around Words December No 1 thick outline circle mask
Katie Pertiet Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No 1
Katie Pertiet Notebook Journaling No 2
Katie Pertiet Classic Curled Frames No 4
Katie Pertiet Vintage Christmas tree charm
Katie Pertiet Bakers Twine Assortment Ribbon No 1 red bow wrap
Katie Pertiet Photo Frame Clusters No 31
Katie Pertiet Hinged Frames No 5
Katie Pertiet Black White and Lime scotch tape
Katie Pertiet Classic Curled Photo Frames No 2
Katie Pertiet Hung Up Frames No 5 (extracted only the hung up part)
Katie Pertiet Decorative White Frames No 1
Katie Pertiet Shine On DD Charity clipped corners red frame
Katie Pertiet Inked Arrows No 1
Katie Pertiet Around Words December No 1 "believe in the magic of Christmas"
Katie Pertiet Spring Fields green scotch tape (slightly recolored)
Katie Pertiet All Laced Up Ribbon No 2 (recolored to green)
Katie Pertiet Cardstock Tabs No 2 green white diagonal stripes

Other Designers:
Bren Taylor-Boone paper white snowflakes
Creating With Caryn silver glitter paper (masked with chevron arrows)

Fonts: Kraft Nine, Aquarelle, Bebas Neue, Lobster Two