Using one of my instagram pics a day and then I'll turn this into a cute little 8x8 book.

Lynn Grieveson:
December Kit

Katie Pertiet:
Counting Days Labels No. 01: Green
Counting Days Labels No. 01: Red
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
Flair Minis No. 01
Vintage Flashcards: Summer
Little Enamel Charms: December No. 01
Star Filled Confetti No. 01
Woodland Decor Stickers and Stamps No. 01

Font: Century Gothic

An early family Christmas...
We went down to Ocean Grove for an early family Christmas. Andrew put on a spread for the Gilmour family which was a lovely relaxed afternoon. Earlier that morning we stopped in on my mum to exchange gifts. Again this year she is not “doing” Christmas as such, but she did have a Christmas tree up, the first time since 2007, so that’s a start. We visited the Cemetary on the way home to spend some time with my dad and Mike’s mum. It was a huge day and we finally got back home only to find Lucky having escaped from the back yard and sitting on the porch waiting for us! Tsk Tsk, we were late!