Funny how Charlie has picked up Jodie & Jack’s old habit of grinning despite neither of them having done it for ages! But he’s also added his own little twist - he clenches his fists at the same time and goes rigid, and he loves the reaction he gets when he entertains us with his little party trick! He was such a good boy yesterday when Oupa looked after him all day. The Beach House was so empty today once he and Jodie had left for home. #missthemalready.

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts ~ Janice Maeditere

Katie Pertiet
December Woods Scrapbook Collection
Classic Cardstock: Little Layette
Vintage Photo Frames No. 30
Pinned December Dates Value Pack No. 02
Assorted Messy Stitches: Brown No. 01
Touch Up Paint Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Silver Essentials No. 01
Pinned: Wood Veneers No. 01
Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 17
Little Enamel Charms: December No. 01
Catana Kit
Looking for Love Element Pack
Vintage Christmas Element Pack
Celebrate Christmas Paper Pack No. 02
Hadleigh Complete Scrapbooking Collection
Bakers Twine Assortment No. 02

Ali Edwards
Thick Fall/Halloween Handdrawn Words Brushes and Stamps
Birthday Hand Drawn Words Brushes and Stamps

Cathy Zielske
Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps

Studio DD
Elements from
Layer Works No. 030
Layer Works No. 138

Color Inspiration 070911

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