Wow – did I have fun playing with today’s scrap lift - I cheated I played with the new templates – and like all kids at Christmas I couldn’t help myself I played with all my new toys…well not all but almost all ….not for a lack of trying…. I’ll be back with the links when I update my list ….
This year Mamaw and I got a really cool gift it was from Harry and David (from my Aunt Dodie) wow it had fresh pears in the bottom box…they are called their Royal Riviera Pear’s oh they are so good…. Ours had 4 in it ….Dodie dropped off dessert for our Christmas dinner too… it was a chocolate moose in a chocolate tuxedo cup with a chocolate cherry and it was chocolate heaven. My mom got me purple polka dotted pajamas with matching purple socks and every time I see me in them I laugh…which is why I kept them!
Here’s the link for the page I Lifted by Ernie 88 aka Erin! Thanks for the inspiration!
Ernie88's winter page

Bella Kit
Hint at it: Shiver Brushes and Stamps
Holiday Outline Word Art
Layer Works No. 394
Layer Works No. 395
Layer Works No. 396
Light Strings No. 02: Multicolored
Merry Layered Template
How’d They Do That? No. 18: Weaving Words