I began a Christmas Ornament book a couple of years ago . . . this is an addition from a few pictures I took from this years tree. I think that this book will take a few years to finish . . . I’m in no hurry . . . I am loving thinking of what the ornaments mean to me and to our children and enjoying the process creating this memory book.

Journaling: Aunt Velma began making darling little felt Christmas ornaments in the mid-1960’s. This little gingerbread man was probably one of the first, which she made. I have about a dozen of them hanging on our tree. Later on she bought a few of the very popular commercial kits to make more elaborate felt ornaments, which she made and then traced off the patterns and made dozens more of each new one bought for quiet a few years. I know that she most likely made many for her other nieces and nephews as well as for herself, Mother and Aunt Lucille. I received a few after Michael was born and later on when Mother and Daddy quit putting up their own Christmas trees, I was given many, many more little felt ornaments. The gingerbread men continue to be my some of my favorites of the felt menagerie!

100% Designer Digitals:
Aaron Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Dara Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Krafty Cuts: Christmas – Katie Pertiet
Stems of Three: Holiday No. 01 Brushes and Stamps – Maplebrook Studios
Stina Solids Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Fonts used are: Champagne & Limousines and Arial