Journaling: A year ago, I wrote these words in my December Daily:

“We moved into our house in March of 1999, five months after our wedding. We’d been looking for a home to meet the needs of our blended family for over six months. We ended up settling for the best we could find, and it meant giving up on some things I’d said were ‘must haves’ (master bathroom) and accepting a location that we didn’t find ideal (near the freeway). Over the years, though, HareMoore (as we jokingly refer to our ‘estate!’) has certainly become our home. It happened gradually, when we weren’t looking, and although that master bathroom is still missing and the location hasn’t changed...This is where our family grew together and grew up, the place we brought Kristin and Kaira home to...Scott’s return address for longer than anywhere else has ever been. Here, we’re home for the holidays.”

Today, I am shocked to be making this page (no December Daily this year!) sitting in a new house. It was such a surprising process with so many ups and downs that led us to even consider moving in the first place, much less moving out of Edina and having the girls change schools. There have been moments along the way when I’ve wondered if we made a giant mistake. Then came this email from my new next door neighbor, who, along with several other moms, has joined me in a new moms’ prayer group here in Eagan.

"Connie, I have prayed for this neighborhood since we signed the papers 3 yrs ago. I have prayed and prayed for God to bring wonderful friends for the girls. Then one day, about 2 yrs ago, I was standing at my small window in my master bedroom (that faces your house) looking out at the dirt lots, praying. I was staring right over your lot at Angie's. And God led me to pray that He would bring Godly friends for ME, to support me! And here we all are now, 2yrs later. God is good!"

The idea that there was someone already here praying for other believers to move into the neighborhood, even looking at the place where we would live one day, where our kids would be ‘home,’ when I’d never even seen that place....when I was all just buried in our own process and moves me to tears.

We’ve been called, to this place, at this time....for His purposes.

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