When Lincoln was a baby I did a summary page each week until he turned one and I’m doing that again with Poppy! I am going to use Lynn’s Tiny Treasures Template Set to make life easy and the album co-ordinate. I’m loving it already! Smile

Thanks for looking! Smile

April Kit (label)
Candy Christmas Kit
Essentials: Masking Tape No. 01
June Kit (blue flower)
Taffy Mini-Kit (rub on)
Tiny Treasures Template Set

Font: The Only Exception, Century Gothic
Journaling: Oh what a week, my sweet darling girl! The last weeks of my pregnancy flew by and before we knew it we were at the hospital and welcoming you into this big, wide world! You kicked and squirmed right up until they did my c-section. In fact, you made them chase your around my tummy just to get a heartbeat. True to form, until the very end! You are such a little treasure. So little compared to your brother and so placid and settled already. Nothing fazes you and we only hear you cry when you are hungry or need a nappy change. Even then, your cry at the moment isn’t really a cry. It’s a tiny little squeak and possibly the most adorable thing we have ever heard. You really like your sleep and nap so well between your feeds. In fact, your Mummy is getting better sleep now than in the weeks before you were born. You are a really strong baby. At only 2 days old, you rolled onto your side. We thought it was a fluke but you do it regularly and if family, friends and even a doctor had not seen you do it, I don’t think they would have believed me! You have had a few appointments in your first week. A hearing test which you passed. A visit from the home midwife team who said you were doing beautifully and a check up with your doctor. He also said you were doing so well. Some days we still can’t believe you are here and others we can’t believe you weren’t always here!