As I have been putting Carl's book together, I have found those places where I never did the other side of the spread. So here is the left side:
and this is the right.
Journaling: This is what Mama calls my Baby Seal look. I use it to look helpless and cute and it really comes in handy when I have pushed the envelop just a little too far. After the episode with the coffee, I have retreated to my favorite green chair in the kitchen to try to convince Mama I have learned my lesson. Of course the lesson I have learned may not be the one she hoped for. She would like me to internalize this message: Thou shalt not get on the kitchen table. Instead, I have learned: Jump up and down in the chair hard enough and it will scoot. Scoot it far enough and the table comes into range. Launch myself and believe that you will land on it. When I get busted, go for cute. Baby Seal! Baby Seal!
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