Yes, I admit it!

Just because you are an adult and have children doesn’t mean that you are “grown up”. We bought Shawna an Atari 2600 for Christmas in 1980. Home video consoles were fairly new. They didn’t have Nintendo, or Xbox 360 or Playstation. Cliff and I were like two little kids. We bought the console at the beginning of December and for the next three weeks, we would wait until Shawna went to bed and then we would unwrap the package (carefully by removing strategically placed tape). Then we would play the Atari half the night! Cliff liked “Space Invaders” But, I liked “Atari Circus” and “Adventure”. Looking back, the graphics were terrible! But it was such a new experience! Shawna loved her gift on Christmas morning. Little did she know that her parents had a hundred hours of practice already. No wonder we were so good at the games! Even now, thirty-three years later, I don’t recall if we ever told Shawna. Would I do it again? Heck yah! I’m still a little kid at heart!

scraplifted from (The Gravy Bowl Incident by Squeak)

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