Amidst all the Christmas pages and Christmas Goodies, I decided to finish Carl's Journal. These pages go back to the very beginning.
Credits: ALL DD
Red, Black and Creme Kit
Lady Bug Summer Collection
Wood Shop Paper Pack No. 02
Faringdon Solid paper from earlier freebie
All Hung Up
Filed Photo Frames No. 07
Staples are DD too but I can't remember which kit.
HI. I am Carl and this is my book. I figured I better start my book by telling how I got to my forever family. I was whelped on June 2, 2010 (that’s born in people talk) in a little town just outside Joplin MO. It’s not that my first human Mama didn’t want me. It’s just that she has show dogs and she thought I was not quite good enough for the confirmation ring. That was OK by me. I really didn’t have a dog in that hunt so to speak. And she loved me enough to want me to go to a good home. So, she put my baby pictures on the Internet and that’s how Mama found me. Now, folks will warn you about Internet romances but I got to say, Mama fell in love at first sight. She and Daddy had not had a dog in a year. I heard her tell a friend that while Mac and Lady would always live in their hearts, they were ready to share their love with another dog. And that when she saw my picture, a little voice said, “That’s my dog.” But that came later of course because right then, I was in Joplin and they were in Conway. There were a lot of emails back and forth between my 1st Mama and my Mama-to-Be It was like an adoption home study. And my 1st Mama decided it would be a good home. So, they made arrangements to come and pick me up. And wow, was I lucky. About a week before they were supposed to come, Joplin got hit by a HUGE tornado. My 1st Mama was at work in a store that got hit . Luckily she was OK, but when she came out of her building her van was just GONE! Her house was far enough away that me and the other dogs there (including my doggie mother) were all OK. Now here is another funny story I heard Mama tell. All the way to Joplin Daddy worried and warted around. “What if he doesn’t like us? What if he doesn’t bond with us?” Well, you can see in these pictures that I took to them right away. I loved my new yard and my new toy and my new Mama and Daddy.