{hello again, friends! we have been travelling across america (and i was blessed enough to see Amy [mymalloryboys] along the way! *squeal*) and i haven't been uploading much since internet has been spotty. but we are parked here in California for a good long while, with reliable internet, so i'm excited to share a few of the DD pages i've been working on along the way...in random order. i'm keeping it SO simple this year, since i'm not at my own home in my regular routine, but am still wanting to get these memories down...especially since we are not at home in our regular routine! blessings to you all}

december 10
my daughter Jordan had her first ever haircut today and surprised us all (and herself too!) with how much she decided to chop off! she was growing it out like Rapunzel...we were excited to show her how, just like Rapunzel, her hair 'turned' brown when she cut it off.

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